Friday, March 7, 2014

hey biking community...

I am still around, I have just been in the process of moving and getting my life in order lately,  now with spring coming up, I have some good posts that I am working on...

Keep on Biking...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shifting gears bike shop is closed

We are closed for a couple weeks, we are currently remodeling.  I will post when we are reopened.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New years day bike ride

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, welp here in Bemidji, MN we had our new years day bike ride.  Not as many people came out this year as last year, i think the temp scared people away.  It was -11 degrees out.  I was one of them that rode, i lead the ride most of the way.  We started at the Cabin Coffeehouse Café 

and went down to our waterfront, 
then to the Sanford event centre.
The ride was 7 miles long, i only went for 5 because my toes got really cold...  Two of the riders; Natalie and Shaun went all the way around Lake Bemidji, ( thats 17.6 miles long).  We ended at the Cabin Café with hot chocolate/coffee and chocolate chip cookies, yum!  We also had on display, the new Nice Ride bicycle that will be introduced to Bemidji in Early to mid April, 2014.  
Although it will be neon orange and have a basket on the front.  

Well i hope you all have a good new year, and lets bike our way into 2014...

Keep on Biking in the cold...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Guest writers

I have had some of you comment asking to either guest write on here or have me guest write on their website/blog.  I am willing to do both, but i can not access blogs or emails from the comment section for some reason.  So if you wanna talk about guest writing, please email me:

-i have also had some of you ask for advice, if you want advice of writing, blog sites, starting your own blog, feel free to email me about that as well, im here to answer your questions.  No question is stupid either...

I hope to hear from you...

Keep on biking...

Merry Christmas to all

Happy holidays to everyone.  The new year is coming and so are new years resolutions.  And i have a few:

1: i will be putting new posts every thursday.
2: i will be winter riding more often.  ( i have only riden my bike once this winter).


I am looking for guest writers for the new year.  If you want to be a guest writer please email me at:, subject line: guest writer.  

Keep on Winter Biking...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Homemade Xtra-cycle

I have created an extended bicycle.  I am doing a few tweaks to it yet, but it rides in all 21 gears.  I used two bike frames that used 700c rims, i took the fork out of the black bike along with the handlebars.  Put the seat post of the red bike through the front tube, and into the seat tube of the red bike.  Then i took the right side of the crank assembly on the black off, and put a left crank arm on the right side with both arms facing same direction.  I put bolts through each pedal bolt hole, and thrugh the rear drop out of the red bike.  I  am going to try and build a few more in the next few weeks.  I will be updating my progress on them...

Keep on Biking....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Transitioning from summer to winter riding

Well im only almost a week late, but i have been working on articles.  Lifes been busier than usual and rediculious.  So here it is:

Transitioning from summer to winter riding

Well, its winter time again.  Time to take off the street tires and slap on the studded tires.  Add space between our tires and our fenders, getting the long johns out and putting the t-shirts away.    Riding in the summer is easy to plan for and so it winter (sometimes), but the transition between the two is the tricky point.  Can be 10 degrees in the morning and 80 by the time you get home.  I have a few steps to help you transition:

1: Wear wool,

Wool, especially marino wool is very warm and also breathable for those warmer times.  I wear a marino wool ballacalava, locally made wool gloves/mittens, and wool socks.  Wool also helps discuise that sweat smell if you happen to sweat while riding.

2: carry a change of clohing,

Carry along a change of clothing for warmer weather, just incase.  The weather men arent always right, and with that said maybe also carry warmer clothes too just incase it dips farther down.

3: get winter or studded tires,

You will want tires to help you stay up on the snow and ice,  studded tires are great for if you ride on a lot of ice, but mountain tires are great for riding in just snow.  If you are riding in both snow and ice, then i would suggest studded tires.

To be continued in hopefully less than a week.

Keep on Biking...